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Hearth or oven which is used to heat metals to a very high temperature to enable the metal to be hammered into shape.


Measurement of length used to measure the height of horses. One 'hand' unit was originally based upon the breadth of a spread hand, but is now internationally recognised as 4 inches in length.


Adjective used to describe the period of history, or things related to the House of Hanover – the dynasty of kings and queens that ruled the United Kingdom from 1714 to 1901. The House of Hanover succeeded the House of Stuart as the monarchs of Great Britain.


Type of horse tack that enables a horse or horses to pull horse-drawn carriages.


Are the feet of a horse. The hoof has a harder outer area, similar to toe/fingernails. This area is insensitive and needs to be trimmed/cut. The inner part of a horse's hoof is the softer, sensitive area.


The metal shoe which is shaped and then nailed to a horse's foot and is designed to protect the hooves from wear and tear, especially for horses that do a lot of work on roads and concrete.


An anniversary celebration to mark a particular time period of a wedding or an anniversary of someone's rule. For example, it will be Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee in 2012, which will mark 60 years of her rule as monarch. A Silver Jubilee celebrates 25 years and a Golden Jubilee celebrates 50 years.


Type of four-wheeled convertible carriage. The Royal Mews has a number of different types of Landau, including State Landaus and Semi-State Landaus. State Landaus' drivers sit on the carriage to steer, whilst Semi-State Landaus have postillion riders.


Type of luxury saloon car, driven by a chauffeur. These sometimes have a lengthened wheelbase extended by the manufacturer or coachbuilder.