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For students

The resource has also been designed to support more independent learning aporaches – the interface allows students to explore the range of resources outside of lesson time and from home. Other students in KS3 and 4 may find the resource bank section of most value where they can search for a range of resources in different formats.

Key Stage 1–2

The curriculum linked activities built into each section are primarily aimed at mid to upper Key Stage 2 classes, however they may be applicable to older and younger key stages depending on the learning context. Activities cover curriculum areas in History, Literacy, Geography, ICT and Design and Technology.

Key Stage 3–5

The inclusion of a resource bank feature is primarily aimed at KS3–5 where exclusive access to the Royal Collection and Royal Archives have allowed a range of historical documents and photographs to be made available for viewing in high resolution.

The resource bank features all the video, photographs and documents in a simple online interface. This feature could be a useful destination for students studying changes over time in royal transport, royal artwork, royal clothing, maintenance techniques for royal resources and changes to social behaviour and etiquette. It also offers a unique insight into the procedures of the royal household.